<aside> 👩🏽‍🔬 I'm a 20-year old sophomore at UMass Amherst majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. I'm interested in leveraging technology to solve real-world problems, enhancing user experiences and building simplified products. My passions include Product management, SWE, and UI/UX design + research.


<aside> 🤖 I've worked on projects such as a personalized pet-finder system, building a medical community for the POCs, EMR based decentralized glucose delivery system, secure home-automation systems, and PPE-based syndromic surveillance systems. I'm actively seeking internships/contracts for Summer 2022.


🦾  What I am currently up to

🧪 Researching at the [Information Fusion Lab](https://groups.cs.umass.edu/infofusion/home/?_gl=1*95s7oe*_ga*NjM2ODExOTcuMTYxNTM4NTgwMA.._ga_21RLS0L7EBMTY0NDQyNDQ5NS40MTIuMC4xNjQ0NDI0NDk1LjA.&_ga=2.217861270.1028918945.1644240905-63681197.1615385800) to build a volume estimation model to detect congenital heart diseases

👩🏽‍🏫 TAing for CS 145: Representing, Storing and retrieving information, where I assist students + grade their work

🏠 Helping build a better residential community at UMass by serving as a Residential Assistant

Projects & Work

🧠 Previously

🎨 I’ve worked on building high fidelity prototypes for a food startup - Stockt (case study coming soon!)

🍞 I’ve conducted user research surveys, analyzed market fits and pain points to develop prototypes for MVP for a startup (case study coming soon!)

🕴🏾 I've worked as a Student Intern at RoundPier on aspects of data analytics, marketing, and content strategies

👩🏾‍🏫 I've mentored for the teams and students at Technovation Girls and EduVisa, assisting in app development and college applications

🔖 I've assisted in developing curriculum for a digital exchange program at Project Exchange, and also creating layouts and writing articles at Girl Genius Magazine

Download my resume here!

🌐 Features + Links

📜 Article feature of Cybercastle by the New York Academy of Sciences: STEM Challenges Prove Valuable for Mentors as Well As for Students

📓 Buy my Poetry Anthology here!